January 9, 2023

Delegation rewards

Flare and Songbird have inflation built into the networks. A portion of the inflation is reserved for FTSO rewards. At the end of each reward epoch, the inflation is shared between data providers according to their reward rate. The fee is awarded to the data provider and the rest is shared among delegators proportionally to the amount of vote power they have delegated. Read this article on how to wrap and delegate tokens.


Rewards can be claimed after each reward epoch. The length of a reward epoch is 3.5 days on Flare and 7 days on Songbird. If you use a wallet such as Bifrost Wallet you can do that with the press of a button.


Rewards expire if left unclaimed for 90 days. Make sure to claim before that to avoid forfeiting precious tokens. We recommend that you claim and wrap your rewards as soon as you can to compound the rewards.

Depleted reward contract

The rewards are claimed from the FTSO reward manager contract. However, the reward contract only holds a certain amount of tokens at one time and may be depleted if many users claim their rewards during a short period of time. But do not worry, the reward contract is replenished every 24 hours, so if it’s empty - just hold out a little longer. The contract replenishes every day at 19:01:02 UTC for Flare and at 19:13:02 UTC for Songbird.

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